Bear Lake State Park

view of the water and a cliff at bear lake state park
Bear Lake has beautiful aqua-blue waters and sandy beaches for play. The park has three big areas to explore: the state marina, rendezvous beach, and the eastside areas. Rendezvous beach is named such after the the rendezvous that occurred in 1827-1828 between fur trappers and Indians. At the eastside you will find Cisco Beach, which provide good opportunities for scuba diving and is a favorite of divers.

Dead Horse Point State Park

dead horse point cliffs and colorado river
At Dead Horse Point, thousands of feet above the Colorado River, you will be met with intense vertical cliffs and canyons. A geological masterpiece, you will find sediments from ancient oceans that create the canyon rock layers and mountains that rise high due to igneous formations.

Antelope Island State Park

bison at antelope island state park
Roam around Antelope Island and you will find bighorn sheep, bison, mule deer and the antelope that the park is named after, as well as other desert animals. If you take a stroll along the beach you will also find many birds crowding the shores. From there you can test out the lake’s salty water or visit the Historic Fielding Garr Ranch.

Additional Tips for visiting State Parks

Some of the favorite outdoor activities at these state parks include hiking, biking, swimming and other exercises. However, Utah that is known for its beautiful mountains, those mountains also create a state of inversion. This can lead to high levels of air pollution, making exercise somewhat risky. Before heading out on your trip download the myAir Health app. Enter in your location and myAir will tell you how much outdoor activity per hour you should do. myAir stays relevant to you by asking for your age, gender, height, weight and fitness level. The app also takes into account respiratory symptoms such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and more. From there you select the level of intensity of your exercises and you will receive the current conditions of the ozone and PM2.5. This way you can still enjoy the outdoors and be alert of potential bad air quality, taking control of your health.