We are passionate about providing myAir app users with accurate and personalized data related to air quality and health.
Our goal is to simplify outdoor activity decisions and educate users about air pollution exposure.
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Moving from Ft. Lauderdale to Salt Lake, I was surprised by the poor air conditions I faced. I had never given much thought about air quality before my move but after I got here, it became an issue since I like to walk outside. I downloaded the myAir app after hearing about it at work, and now I’m able to make better decisions about my health by timing my activities and adjusting my walking routine on a daily basis! It is the first app I’ve found that I can personalize to my specific situation to get the most accurate and up to date information on air quality standards and how it will affect my daily exercise.

- Alice, 59

Alice 59 - Part of the myAir Community
Rick 30 - Part of the myAir Community

As a coach I believe that it is my duty to have my players as healthy and fit as possible during the season. Like most other teams, staying fit and conditioned requires us to incorporate intensive running into our practice schedule. At times this can be difficult since the air quality during our practices can be unpredictable. This means that the intensive running can at times be more hurtful to our players rather than beneficial. With the myAir Health app, I am able to plan how much running we do at our practices based on the air quality outside. This app has helped me perform my duty in keeping my players healthy and fit this season.

- Rick, 30

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I love being active outdoors on the weekend with my friends, but sometimes it’s a lot more difficult for me to breathe and keep up because of my Asthma mixed with the air pollution. My doctor always told me that I shouldn’t be too active outside on poor air quality days that are ranked yellow and especially red. I really disliked this because I would always miss out on fun activities that my friends were doing outside when the air quality was poor. I love the myAir app because now I know the exact amount of time that I can be active outside without feeling like I am suffocating on poor quality days. My Asthma condition and air pollution no longer stand between me and having fun with my friends outside!

- Michelle, 19

Michelle 19 - Part of the myAir Community
Tarron 24 - Part of the myAir Community

I’ve always enjoyed seeking out an active lifestyle. I played soccer all throughout my youth and into high school which is probably why I love running so much; especially outside. So when winter hits, I feel limited to how much time I can spend outside running when the air quality is so bad. When I heard about the myAir app, I was incredibly interested in trying it out. I’ve been using the app for over 6 months now and love the way it complements my lifestyle. It allows me to adapt to my surroundings and make healthy choices when the air quality is less than sub-par.

- Tarron, 24