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Free Air Quality Monitoring and Air Quality Tester

Any time you turn on the environmental news you see the same, age-old rhetoric of poor air quality, as reported by air quality index. The problem with this news, and all news, has become whether or not we can trust it. Too many agendas are being thrust in our faces without enough complete science and truth to back it, until now. myAir, a company founded by scientists in Utah, have launched a free air quality app to help the everyday person discern whether or not the air quality is good in their own city, or cities they may be visiting. Indeed, knowledge surrounding clean air has changed forever.

Air Quality Alerts on your Phone

myAir has launched an air quality app to help you be safe outside by knowing if there is clean air or not. myAir allows for personalized information and data to be sent directly to your phone, alerting you if needed. Maybe you live in Utah or are planning a vacation to the Wasatch front. With myAir, you’ll know whether or not it is safe to go outside and exercise. The app does so much more than just give alerts about the local air quality, too. The app also provides information about airborne contaminants, can help with asthma, and acts as an air pollution dose model (APDM) application.

Other Air Quality Testers and Applications

Another popular source for air quality monitoring and testing is a website called AirNow, which is a website that focuses on air quality index, or AQI. Like myAir, AirNow also has an air quality app that can be downloaded for both IOS and Android. However, there are certain limitations to their app. For instance, the AirNow application only gives a high-level view of the air quality index, without the personalized information that myAir provides. Again, if you are curious about the air quality in Utah, you would be better off using MyAir’s application for quicker and better reporting.

The CDC has great information and infographics about air quality, and the website should be used to learn some of the basic facts and terms. myAir also includes a knowledge base and glossary of air quality fundamentals. Understanding the facts about air quality monitoring will really help you decide which application or source of knowledge to utilize on a daily basis.

Another great source of knowledge, especially for those of you that live in Utah, or are interested in visiting, is a website all about air quality in Utah: Right on the front page you can visualize the current conditions and factors affecting the air quality in Utah. Indeed, you can see up to the hour information about ozone, temperature, wind, particulate matter, and the air quality index. There is also a UtahAir app, which can be found on both IOS and Android.

Our Recommendation: myAir for your Air Quality Information Needs

AirNow, the CDC website, and AirUtah are all extremely helpful knowledge sources to learn more about daily air quality forecast and health forecast. However, hopefully this article has dictated why you should choose the myAir air quality app over all of the other options. For quick reference, the reasons are included below:


myAir is the best choice for air quality, here’s why:


  • Best quality assured data, directly from the EPA

  • Air Quality values, updated every few minutes throughout the day

  • Accurate PM 2.5 and Ozone values

  • More user friendly than other monitoring and testing solutions

  • Built by scientists who understand the facts

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