Air Quality in the Salt Lake City Valley

Air Quality in the Salt Lake City Valley

Air Quality App

I have discovered a new app that effortlessly provides hour to hour air quality updates in any city. The app can be downloaded on any Android or Apple device. This app is essential for anyone spending time outdoors and who wants to improve their health. The app refreshes its data collection every hour, calculating the amount of “your’ safe air quality exposure to outdoor contaminants, based on the intensity of your planned workout.  We are all concerned about safe air quality levels and the effects of air quality on our health.

Measuring safe outdoor air quality

myAir quality mobile app takes the worry out of participating in outdoor activities. Whether you’re playing tennis, gardening, or walking your dog, measuring air quality is important as there is a direct correlation of respiratory problems and air quality.  Exercising in poor air quality can also aggravate asthma. The reason exercising possibly increases your exposure to air pollution may be that during exercise you often pant heavily, breathing through your nose which bypasses the filters put there to filter out pollutants. Mr. Steve Packham, a toxicologist with the Utah Division of Air Quality explains how the app works in the following Video.

Air quality app for athletes and outdoor use

As a coach of Special Olympics and an avid outdoorsman I am constantly using the free myAir app.. Exercising is necessary for good health which is a huge reason behind Special Olympics, keeping the athletes active and healthy. Many of the athletes I coach have allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems that would be aggravated by poor outdoor air quality. Poor outdoor air quality can worsen chronic lung diseases or cause lung infections. Having up to date information on the air quality in my city allows me the confidence to safely exercise my athletes.

Learn about myAir Quality App

I was alerted to this free and very handy app after hearing about it on a local radio station. If you are interested in hearing this information, the KUER news broadcast is available at the following link: broadcast . Judy Fahys a Salt Lake Tribune writer tells KUER news radio listeners how to take control of their personal health with a new air quality app. Ms. Fahys has written and studied climate change and pollution, spoke in depth about Utah’s summer air pollution and how to monitor the air quality so you know how much time is safe to spend outside.

Air quality app supports healthier exercising

During track practice I will use the app to keep me updated on the levels of safe air quality. If I find that the levels have increased I will have the athletes practice less intense field events like the javelin, and save running the track for a time when the air quality is better. On a hot day this is usually to the delight of many of my athletes. Having this app is extremely important to me as the health and well-being of the athletes is my top priority.

Air quality app is easy to use

I am planning to use this air quality app as a teaching moment with my athletes. The app will allow them to take responsibility for their own health. I will use the app to teach them about the effects of air quality and the increased effects of air quality during outdoor activities on their health. I will also be sharing the benefits of myAir quality mobile app with my fellow coaches, parents of my athletes, and friends, as it is vital for everyone to know how to balance air quality and activity levels.  It is my hope that the athletes will use their personalized air quality information to make smart health decisions while participating in all outdoor activities.

Be safe – Monitor your air quality exposure

Monitoring air quality during the summer months is especially important as more people are engaging in outdoor activities. Air pollution costs include billions of dollars spent on health care which is shared by all Americans. myAir quality mobile app educates on when it’s safe to exercise and at what intensity, helping me take control of my own health. This app is not just for people who enjoy outdoor activities; people who suffer from heart or respiratory disease can use it to tell them levels of air quality as exposure to air pollution can potentially increase their health problems.